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That Beluga whale showed him who’s boss. 


Jan 5, 2014


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i agree!

Sep 25, 2013

Reblogged: 4. London has about one good restaurant per every ten thousand.


image above: predawn light, east over Bloomsbury, a few weeks back in time

I’ll speak first of you readers, at risk of sounding woefully full of myself; I’ve been surprised by the number and variety of friends who follow this site. I appreciate this. Some have asked me to continue writing here through the school year, and I’ll oblige; posts will not be as frequent, though, and less about my life than about what I’m learning. This is because I’m back on familiar ground, and hopefully I’ll have fewer changes in life to write about.

Yes I’m back in Toronto as of two weeks ago. Back to school. I have my pants pulled up high, my tie knotted tight, and a cute little bag packed with entertainment for between classes. It is early enough in September that everything is still very green, and the fashionable film festival people look too warm in their on-point fall clothes. 

I’ve been hesitant to write upon my weeks at the Bartlett, which is why this post is coming so late. Simply writing memories like ‘these are classes I took, these are things I did’ would only communicate trivia. Instead I have decided to write a list of what I learned in my experience of London studenthood. it’s long, feel free to skim. click the link below to find it. 

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Sep 18, 2013

BruceS: Leonardo Da Vinci needs a job ∞


Letter from Leonardo Da Vinci
to the Duke of Milan Applying for a Position

Having, most illustrious lord, seen and considered the experiments of all those who pose as masters in the art of inventing instruments of war, and finding that their inventions differ in no way from those in common…

Aug 30, 2013

Performing live at SappyFest VIII

Aug 4, 2013



Huxley vs. Orwell

In my opinion, “Brave New World” is a more accurate portrayal of the future than “1984.” Both are very well written and thought-provoking books that have many lessons we can learn as a society, and both authors have very serious and viable points, but I think Huxley is more accurate as to what is going to happen to us.

Jun 30, 2013

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Jun 30, 2013

Finally! - ENDER’S GAME - Movie Trailer: http://youtu.be/vP0cUBi4hwE #card #endersgame #movie #trailer #sf

May 7, 2013

"Atomic Orbital Fig.31" by Mrk on INPRNT


Apr 5, 2013

Morning Run

Mar 23, 2013

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